SAP BODS with HANA Training Starting Next Week


Super Duper Awesome Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious SAP BODS Training.. For the Facebookers and Bloggers: Ok.. ok that’s probably stretching the truth a little bit but we are still an awesome student oriented training institute that actually gives a flip about our students. We have been enhancing technical and personal skills for IT folks in the DFW area for a while, Our trainer actually has almost a decade and a half of hands on SAP experience just eager and raring to go in order pass their skills and knowledge to you in a matter of 8 weeks. Wow .. almost 15 years.. guess he is getting a bit old, but you would’nt know that by his enthusiasm, energy and dedication to corrupting fine minds as yourself. For Tweeters: Really Awesome SAP Class; Demo on May-2-2015, Call214-727-9798 for detailsOkay so you might be mildly interested/curious at this point to see if we are exaggerating. But hey SAP BODS/HANA and BW are actually pretty lucrative technologies right now. Look up on or about the rates that are commanded in the market. Still how do you make sure that we are right for you? Mmm.. Let me propose something, how about you join us for a demo session next Saturday on May 2nd. Come over and check it out, if nothing you will just get to know a couple of cool folks. Ok cool so you decided to come, Well give us a call at 214-727-9798 and we will let you in on the secret location with the secret passcodes et all. Ah… also just checked with our trainer, He thinks that as long as you know Basic knowledge of SQL, Data Warehousing concepts and ability to put together a time machine you will do well. Don’t know SQL/Datawarehousing? .. think we can convince him to teach it to you.. free.. of charge. About the time machine part.. well .. you have to figure that part yourself.


Phone: 214-727-9798


Plano, Texas
United States