Ellora Center for Performing Arts


Ellora Center for Performing Arts (ECPA) is a premier dance institute in Dallas Fort Worth metro area, focussing on teaching the great Indian Classical dance form of Bharatanatyam. Each and every student of ECPA are the pride of Vani Iswara, as she imparts the rich heritage of the art form of Bharatanatyam that she imbibed from her esteemed Gurus - Smt Rema Shrikant and Prof C V Chandrasekhar. Vani established Ellora Center for Performing Arts in USA in honor of the institute started by her Guru Smt. Rema Shrikant in India, where Vani was also teaching until she moved to the United States.


3317 Langley Ct
Flower Mound, Texas 75022
United States

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Fax: (469) 293-6265

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