Laxmi Jewelers-Irving-Texas


Laxmi Jewelers first opened its door in 2006. Since then, Laxmi Jewelers has grown and expanded into a uniquely selected store. All jewelry pieces are hand selected by the owner to best-fit unique styles of every customer. Ambika Raut, born and raised in the Himalayan country of Nepal, runs the store. Mrs. Raut has been in the jewelry business since 1998. She has the knowledge and experience of any other big time jewelry business but with one exception. She has the customer’s best interest in heart and offers the best price. Although we don’t have the largest selections, we offer very unique and carefully picked selection of South Asian, classical, and contemporary jewelry. Not only that but Laxmi Jewelers also has a selection of traditional Nepali jewelry such as tilhari and puncharathnakada. Ambika has maintained integrity in retail practice, as well as high standards in customer service since 1998 and will continue to do so in the years to come.


2521 W Airport Fwy
Irving, Texas 75062
United States


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