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We are affiliated with Prime Lending and offer extremely competitive rates for New Home Loans, Refinancing, Cash Outs etc....

We are committed to excellent customer service and have a team of professionals to help you drive your loan to the finish line. We don't make any False promises, surely there are closing costs, it's just no one will tell you those are built in your interest rate.

We offer you all the tools for you to make your own decision, we provide detailed spreadsheets (I'm also a CPA and can offer guidance on what makes sense based on your individual case), ultimately it is your home, and you need to decide if you want an ARM or FRM. We promise to guide you through the process with no haggling.

Call us for help. Please note, we will try to beat any Good Faith Estimate within +2 BD as rates fluctuate on a daily basis.

Call us for quote. Thanks for your trust.


112 Ranch Trail
Irving, Texas 75063
United States

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