Sandya Shetty Fine Art Studios


Sandya Shetty is a contemporary artist based in Dallas, Texas. Born in India, she was raised and educated in India and England. Sandya has no formal art education, instead honing her skills through years of precise practice and self-teaching. By studying the works of the great artistic masters, she has absorbed and assimilated the techniques and skills through which she constructs the images of her canvas.

Though the majority of her work adheres to and investigates the intricacies of oil painting, Sandya likewise enjoys exploring different mediums. Her constant experimentation with unconventional styles and artistic concepts and methods is a testament to her innate need to fully express her own sensibilties and experiences. A lifelong student, Sandya hopes to sustain her artistic growth through the perpetual study of paint, art and the different aspects of creation.


Dallas, Texas
United States


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