Saraswati School of Music


Saraswati - a school of Indian classical music has been established with an intent to impart the teachings and knowledge of this ancient tradition. Here at Saraswati, we teach Indian classical music in form of instrumental and vocal, adhering to the original oral tradition of teaching music. This tradition of classical music dates back thousands of years, to the time of the Vedas. The Samaveda, one of the four vedas, defines and depicts music at length.Saraswati, the name inspired by the Hindu goddess of learning (vidya); who is worshiped by the seeker of music and fine arts. The Indian classical music has a long history of its existence and is deeply rooted in the culture of India. In the modern era (post 15th century A.D.), it flourished and grew under the banner commonly came to be known as 'gharana'. Over the past few centuries, it has been syncretized with Indian folk music and Persian music, the genre that has evolved to what we know as the Hindustani classical music.We invite you to come join us and take a plunge into this rich cultural heritage, and experience the music in its purest form - that can only be felt, perceived and experienced.


Dallas, Texas
United States


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