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Signature Diamonds was established in 2004, by Mahsooma Aziz with a vision of creating a place where brides, mothers, sisters, and wives could come to find the pieces of their dreams, even if it meant custom designing pieces from the manufacturer located in India. The collection has grown from 50 pieces to over 500 over the course of 10 years. The showroom recently moved to a new location on Beltline Road which embraces the companies qualities of elegance, beauty, quality, and value. While many diamonds are spread too shallow or cut too deep to retain weight from the original rough - at a dramatic sacrifice of potential Brilliance, Fire & Scintillation - a Signature Diamond is cut to precise angles and proportions to maximize the radiant light and sparkle that emerges from the top.


5310 Belt Line Rd
Dallas, Texas 75254
United States

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