Desi City Guide for Boston

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June 20, 2013

Desi guide to Boston

Boston is the largest city in the New England with a population of 617,594. The South Asian Population in the city is approximately 1.26% of the total population.

The city enjoys a humid continental climate, with warm, humid and wet summers, and cool, windy, snowy winters. So for those interested planning to spend time in a place with a milder, cooler climate, Boston is the place for you.

Boston is one of the oldest cities in USA and also a well-established centre for education. With big names in universities and colleges it is home to a number of students from all over the world that brings in cultural diversity to the city.

Desi attraction in Boston

The city has a good number of Desi Restaurants and eateries owing to the growing south Asian population in the city. Cuisine is one of the many areas where Boston offers full desi satisfaction.

  • One of the main desi attractions in Boston is the Faneuil Hall Market place. The market place in the heart of Boston provides visitors both local and tourists with a unique shopping and dining experience. With over 50 shops there is a wide collection of merchandize you can select from. With over 14 fully functional restaurants and 40 food stalls the market buzzes with life and excitement. Another attraction in the market is its street performances which definitely makes it a place that guarantees wholesome fun and entertainment for one and all.  With a wide variety of products and shops the Market is the best place where you can find something for everyone. The Faneuil Hall market is the most visited place by tourists owing to its heritage value and vintage architecture.  
  • Along with its many attractions the Market is also a great place to start your sightseeing tour in Boston because just walking distance from the Faneuil market place are many other sites like the New England Aquarium, the Children’s Museum, the old state house and Paul Revere’s house.
  • Boston is a place which has well known landmarks and sights spread all over the city. The museums however need a special mention in Boston.
  • One of the popular museums is the Boston museum of science which is a must see when you are visiting the city. The museum is filled with over 500 interactive exhibits and live presentations throughout the building. The museum is also a member of the Association of Zoo and Aquariums which makes it a home to over 100 rescued animals which are a delight to watch. The museum is also well known for its planetarium which must not be missed.
  • Founded in 1870 the Museum of fine Arts is the largest in America and attracts a large number of tourists every year. The museum houses over 450,000 pieces of art making it one of the few museums in the world you just cannot afford to miss.
  • The John F Kennedy Presidential Museum and Library is another important site in Boston. As the name suggests it is the presidential library of the 35th president of USA, John F Kennedy.
  • Other attractions also include the Botanical Gardens, Boston’s Freedom Trial, Samuel Adam’s Brewery, Trinity Church and Boston Public Library.

Transportation Modes in Boston

Take advantage of the economical and quick services provided by the city via Boston’s busses and railways. The city operates the seventh busiest bus networks in the country.