Desi City Guide for Calgary

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June 20, 2013

CityGuide forCalgary

The most modern and the largest in theProvinceofAlberta,Calgaryis situated in the Grassland region.Calgaryhas a huge oil reserve and the oil industry is a key part in boasting the city’s economy. There are many urban parks like NoseHillPark,FishCreekProvincialPark, the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary,BownessPark, and Prince'sIslandParkinCalgarythat enhances the beauty of the city. The 2 major rivers flowing through the city areBowRiverandElbowRiver. You will see that the city has maintained its traditional culture of nightclubs, bars, hockey, and football. This city is famous for organizing winter sports. It is the first Canadian, which hosted the Olympic Winter Games in 1988.

Attractions inCalgary

You can shop in these Calgarymarkets, Sweetgrass Market and Eau Claire Market to buy the stuff of your choice and that too at an economical rate.

In Calgary, you must visit the places listed below.

  • Calgary zoo: Want to see 1000 animals that are found in different parts of the world? Then, this is the place for you to visit. You can relax and enjoy the serenity nature here and this has happened with the help of ENMAX Conservatory. 
  • Fort calgary: This is known to be the place where Calgary city originated. It is a historic monument and an interactive interpretive centre too.
  • Calaway Park: Come and enjoy at the largest outdoor amusement park of Canada. Get the admission ticket and relish the joy of the following activities unlimited number of times:
    • Enjoy the 35 rides
    • Play 26 games
    • Watch the stage shows
  • Glenbow: If you are an art lover, then this place is of your interest. This is the largest museum in Western Canada where both, best art and historical exhibitions of the world are held.
  • Lougheed house: A beautiful mansion of 14,000 square foot, Beaulieu is the original name of the Lougheed. People visit this historic place to enjoy the beautiful art work in the mansion and to relax in the natural environment of the gardens around this mansion.

Looking for an outlet to eat yummy food like vindaloo, butter chicken, tandoori beef? There are many restaurants in Calgary where you can relish tasty South Asian cuisine of your choice.

Transport Modes inCalgary

You can travel to Calgary by train, bus, or aeroplane. Transport for commuting within the city is also easily available. The rail system of Calgary is called C-Train system and it is first set in Calgary in the whole North America. It is the busiest rail system you must have ever seen. The bus system in Calgary is also good with 800 buses running on more than 160 routes. Buses to all the destinations within the city are easily available.

The third largest airport in Canada is situated in Calgary. Major cargo tranportation happens from the Calgary International Airport making it a major hub for the cargo services.