Desi City Guide for Charlotte

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June 20, 2013

Desi Guide to Charlotte

The city of Charlotte is the largest city in the state of Carolina. The population of the city is 1,745,524 and the South Asian Population of the city is approximately 1.5% of the total population.

Nicknames the Queen city it is a major financial centre for the country along with being the second banking centre after New York.

Located in humid sub-tropical region the city enjoys mild cool winters and warm humid summers. Along with ample rainfall the city also enjoys its share of clear warm skies making it a perfect destination spot all year round.

Desi Attraction in Charlotte

With a growing South Asian population the city has many good desi restaurants and eateries you can indulge into. With over 30 well rated restaurant spread across Charlotte you needn’t worry about satisfying your palate.

  • One of the many desi attractions in Charlotte is the Carowinds. This amusement park is spread over 122 acres and guarantees fun and entertainment for the entire family. Known for their different types of thrilling roller-coaster and water rides the Carowinds finds different ways of amusing you every time you visit the place.  With newer rides and games added to their collection it makes the Carowinds a sure place to visit when you are in Charlotte. 
  • The city being a major centre for the motor industry in the US it is also home to the NASCAR Hall of Fame that is in honour of its drivers and contributors that have influenced the NASCAR history. One can enjoy their collection of amazing artefacts, interactive exhibits and other rides specially made to give their visitors a feel of the track.
  • Another must visit place to be visited is the US National White-water Centre. This outdoor recreational facility is set on the banks of the river Catawba. The place is built around the world’s largest recirculating river stimulating for its visitors a safe and real experience of Kayaking and canoeing. This combination of outdoor sporting and recreation proves fun for kids and adults. Used as an official training facility for the US Olympic team get to experience the thrill and fun of it all with your family.
  • Among museums is also the Discovery Place in Charlotte. Dedicated to the field of science, get ready to be awed by its several hands-on exhibits that not only amaze and entertain but also educate its visitors. Experience an explosion, watch a movie on the biggest screen in the state and trek in the rain forest all in one place, the discovery place.
  • Apart from the various museums and landmarks in Charlotte, the city is also known for its Shopping experience.  Charlotte provides its visitors with a wide range of shops ranging from high end malls to independent bargain corners. One can find anything from branded goodies and souvenirs to antiques and local art.  Shopping is also one reason Charlotte gets so many tourists.

Transportation modes in Charlotte

The public transport system in Charlotte provides a cheaper alternative to reaching any part of the city. The city is well connected with its wide network of buses and trains.