Desi City Guide for Denver

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June 20, 2013


The City of Denver is the capital and the most populated city of the state of Colorado U.S.A. It is a consolidated city-county, located in the South Platte River Valley on the western edge of the High Plains just east of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains aka the mile high city as it is one mile above sea level. According to a 2006 American Community Survey, about 3.6% of 600,000 people is South Asian. Due to its inland location on the High Plains, the city is subjected to extreme weather patterns. The locals at times joke that on certain days they experience all 4 seasons.

The city’s prominent source of income is from sectors like energy, manufacturing, telecommunications and hospitality. Denver is a key trading point for the country as it is the largest city within 500 miles, it has become a natural location for storage and distribution of goods and services; Its location near the mineral-rich Rocky Mountains encourages mining. Denver's west-central geographic location in the Mountain Time Zone benefits the telecommunications industry by allowing easy communication with various coasts across the world. Many fast casual restaurants and popular national chain restaurants have been founded and based in Denver. Popular chains like Chipotle Mexican Grill, Quiz no’s, and Smash burger are prime examples.


No South Asian will feel out of place here as there are many Desi hangout place in South Denver where there are streets lined with Asian restaurants which brings a sense of nostalgia to tourists. Cooking Desi food is no problem thanks to the availability of Asian grocery stores. The Bombay Bazaar in Parker Road, the India Bazaar in Colorado Springs are the popular stores for South Asian products along with many others..

Denver has  premiere destination for shopping, fashion, spas, restaurants, art galleries, boutiques and community events.  Some companies offer tours as well. The city ranks first in the nation in terms of per capita beer production and the second in terms of number of breweries. The city also welcomes visitors from around the world when it hosts the annual Great American Beer Festival each fall.

Mayor Robert Speer initiated a city beautification movement which led to construction of world class parks like the Washington Park, Chessman Park, and City Park among other are some prominent parks for South Asians to visit. The city has approximately 14,000 acres of mountain parks which are known for the scenery and musical history. The red rocks amphitheatre around the red rocks park is one of the most significant parks in the region.

The Rocky Mountains are famous for their scenery, as well as for extreme outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding and hiking, South Asians love these adventure sports. The Rocky Mountains feature many popular ski resorts where South Asians make a point to spend their winter weekends and  they become a desi hub during the season.