Desi City Guide for Indianapolis

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June 22, 2013


Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana state of USA. According to the 2010 census the population is nearly 900,000 of which about 2% are South Asians which is a visible minority. Desis account for around 9% of the total population of Indianapolis.

 Although starting weak, today Indianapolis is an educational hub, with a great economic backbone and a preserved cultural highlight. With all the major universities in Indianapolis, it is an educational hub. Desis looking for career and other studying oriented opportunities will be delighted to be here.

Indianapolis has the climatic conditions similar to the south Asian region, with the annual precipitation of around 41%. Climate will not be a problem for the desis’ as well!!


As already mentioned, Indianapolis is an educational and cultural hub. Also, Indianapolis is famous for its architecture. The “Soldiers and Sailors” monument is the tallest constructed monument there with breathtaking beauty.

For education, Indianapolis is home of many universities, offering courses for arts, business studies, science and sports as well!! The Butler University is famous for Sports like basketball, Baseball and Volleyball.  Desis who are into sports will find this very fascinating to know that the Butler’s volleyball has hosted the largest volleyball match, with an audience of 14000 people.

The other places worth visiting is the Central Canal, the Massachusetts Avenue which is mainly for shopping purposes, which is imperative for the desis.  Other monuments are the Medal of honour Memorial, the Indianapolis City Market and the Scottish Ride Cathedral.

Food is always an issue for the south Asians and the desis’. But that won’t be a problem here because, in Indianapolis, food is cheap, tasty, and one can find all cuisines in most of the hotels around here. They remind the people of their style of food back home. The transportation here in Indianapolis is very convenient, feasible and regular. There are different modes of transport that one can choose from mainly flight, trains and interstate buses outside the state. For interstate transport, there are People movers, intercity trains, buses which are connected by the highways, making transport less hectic and less tiring.

Indianapolis also has places for recreation, especially for children. Parks, food Joints, Museums, and even a zoo is what Indianapolis has to offer. And even for the old, there are places like theatres and opera houses which host numerous plays and operas. People lead a healthy lifestyle here. And foreign culture as rich as the desis’ and south Asians are very openly accepted and appreciated.

Indianapolis is altogether a social political community, with all the latest amenities required for a community to prosper. The people here are open-minded and free. It is a wonderful place to be. Tours are organized every year with lots of people coming and experiencing the thrill. Being here is a one of a lifetime experience. Don’t miss it.