Desi City Guide for Jacksonville

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June 20, 2013


Jacksonville based in Florida is the biggest city in USA in terms of both population and land area. Of the total population of nearly 2,000,000, the population of South Asians is about 25,000. This is not a very small number. The city has been named after General Andrew Jackson who was also the 7th president of USA. Deep water port of both military and civilian, Jacksonville has also gained recognition for its strategic location.

The film industry developed in Jacksonville due to the exotic locations and climate. Silent films started being made here. These studios are visited by the local desis and the tourists compulsorily. Later on it also became insurance and banking hub for the masses. The St. Jones River divides the city. The bank of America tower is the most prominent building in the city’s skyline and amongst the most famous architectural Design od the city which tourists visit.


Being a large city, it also encompasses a number of sites for desis to visit.  The Norman Studios is very popular as South Asians love film making. The beaches of Atlantic Ocean and banks of St Jones River is a favorite tourist spot for the desis as they have various activities like sailing, boating, fishing and the like. Tree Hill Nature Centre attracts a number of visitors throughout the year. Families visit them often to educate their children and South Asians do not lag behind either. Not to mention the biggest park of all ,hemming plaza.  The Veterans Memorial Wall is visited by one and all.

South Asians have a keen interest in theatres thus the Ritz theatre and Florida theatre is a must visit. Sporting events like Gate River Run attracts a lot of tourists and many South Asians have been seen to participate in it as well. Jacksonville film festival is world renowned. The Jacksonville river walk is enjoyed by most desis as there are many restaurants nearby which serve to their pallets. The Museum of Science and History is a must visit for anyone visiting this city. Jacksonville Zoo is a major attraction. There are a large number of malls here, which cater to the needs of the South Asians. The open-air malls is a must visit. It is a major point of entry thus the railroad and port are busy. They have a number of industries related to manufacturing which support their economy like papers and cigars. Some of them are owned and run by local South Asians.

Jacksonville had nearly 3 million visitors in the year 2008 of which a sizeable number have been South Asians. The easy and inexpensive transportation is why it is often the tourist spot of the masses and especially the desis. The Mayport ferry is something all look forward to as tourists.