Desi City Guide for Miami

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June 22, 2013

Desi City Guide for Miami

Miami is a mixture of people of different ethnic background which makes the city vibrant, full of life and diverse, adding more to its flavour. Miami is one of the most visited and popular cities amongst South Asian tourist in USA.  

All year round Miami enjoys a tropical monsoon climate, with hot humid summers and short warm winters making it a perfect destination spots for people looking to spend time on the beach. With a climate very close to the tropical region it is the perfect holiday destination for tourist looking for an international beach experience.

Miami is located on the Atlantic coast in the city of Florida. It boasts a population of 2,500,625. Miami in 2010 was ranked as the seventh in the US in terms of commerce, finance, education, entertainment, fashion and culture.

Desi Attractions in Miami

The luxury and the dining experience in Miami are amongst the best you can find in the world and one of the key tourist attractions. Miami being the top three destinations in USA visited by South Asian Tourists one can not only find the best place for Desi cuisine but can also have a world class dining experience which is one of the city’s fortes. So when on a vacation in Miami one needn’t be worried as far as food is concerned.

There are over 50 great restaurant that specialise to Desi cuisine, spread all over the coast and the city of Miami, so rest assured to cater to your culinary taste even on a vacation. Well known for its ethnic diversity, Miami is filled with wide diversity of restaurants that ensures good food along with a great service. So if you fancy something different, there is a wide array of cuisine you can choose from.         

The tropical weather in the city works very well for all-year round outdoor activity, making it the best vacation destination to experience both daytime and night time life.

  • Miami is a beach destination and it is only fair if you have a taste of its magnificent beaches. Miami beaches are rated as one of the top 20 in the world. The city’s shoreline also has range of water sport activity which is unlike any other in the world.
  • Zoo Miami is also very popular tourist spot. The Zoo has a wide collection of animals from all over the world. It is a delight to see animals un-caged and roaming around freely in their exhibits.
  • The Seaquarium is another must see where one can enjoy an out-door aquarium experience.
  • The Miami Museum of Science and the Coral Castle also shouldn’t be missed.  

Miami also provides a unique shopping experience where one can find both high end boutiques and markets where one can get a bargained price. 

Miami is full of attractions for all ages. With a very strong tourism back bone there is a variety of activity one can pick from that can make your stay a pleasurable one. So no matter what age you are there is always something Miami has to offer you.

Transportation Modes in Miami

Miami is well connected with buses and trains. One can move around with ease in the city and take advantage of these quick and economical public transportation.