Desi City Guide for Milwaukee

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June 20, 2013


The largest city in the state of Wisconsin in the USA, Milwaukee is located at the southern shore of river Michigan. Due to its existence in “the great lake region”, the place is subject to extreme climatic conditions with windy winters and humid summers. Being the largest city in the Milwaukee County and at the convergence of three other rivers, the city is an important trade point as well as a significant tourist spot. 3% of the 600,000 people living in Milwaukee are South Asian. Their economy is important and is propelled by manufacturing, agriculture and trade. The museums, fine dining and hotels, professional sports, performing arts and the MilwaukeeCounty Zoological Gardens are other popular and recognised forms of entertainment in the city among tourists and specially the South Asian. Their festivals are renowned all over the world giving the city a distinct cultural identity. A vibrant marketplace for primary produce also adds an exciting aspect to the beautiful city.


Milwaukee’s closeness to the famous Lake Michigan makes it a perfect location for outdoor river based sports like sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing which are quite popular among the Desis and the visiting South Asian tourists. The city is a heaven for foodies as there are some awesome Ethnic Dining options and Food Festivals celebrating international and ethnic cuisines like German, Italian, Russian, French, Serbian, Polish, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican and Indian to name a few thus a interactive hub for all immigrant South Asian. The city also plays host to the Wisconsin State Fair, as well as an annual lake front fair which are featured in their annual Summer Fest liked to be visited by the South Asians.

 Milwaukee’s reputation of being the city of festivals comes from the fact that the Summer Fest is considered by Guinness book of world records (1999 edition) as the largest annual festival in the world making it the seasonal tourist venture. Natural parks and forests like Havenwoods State Forest, Boerner Botanical Gardens, and Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory are also favourite tourist locations. These locations essentially feature an opportunity to be close to nature through a number of low level rapids, several dams, hiking, trekking facilities and rock gardens. The Mitchell Park also contains the largest ornamental crab apple tree collection in the nation.

The Milwaukee County Zoo also features different kinds of animals and also hosts the Zoo-A La Carte – a festival in which restaurants’ participate showcasing their fabulous cuisines. The Milwaukee County Transit Trolley (MCTS) is a very convenient pass in the city, which offers access to various appealing tourist spots including museums and fine dining options where many South Asian restaurants are based. For those with an inclination toward history and arts, the significant Milwaukee Public Museum and Discovery World Museum can also be accessed through the MCTS.

One aspect of the city, which would really appeal to tourists is the markets. Organised and structured markets sell fresh agricultural products, and there are also popular markets for display of Art and Crafts, and this a hub for many local South Asian For their regular shopping. The primarily sold goods in these markets are fresh meats, plants, herbs, sauces and  pickles South Asian never miss the opportunity to visit this Desi hub.