Desi City Guide for Montreal

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June 20, 2013


In the Quebec province, Montreal is the largest city with a beautiful triple peaked hill, which gifts the city with its current name. The Laval city around Montreal is situated in the southwestern Quebec region. You can enjoy the scenic beauty and amazing climate here. Many people migrated to this place in 1980s and 1990s from the South Asian countries.

You will find most of the population speaking French than English. Most of the South Asians are well versed with English only but it will be good if you learn French a bit for communicating with people out there. You know it’s in the human nature to become friendly with those who can communicate in the same language. You will find many South Asians also here so you will meet people with same nationality. 


In North America, Laval is the fifth largest suburb with the population making it the 14th largest city in Canada. You will find people speaking Greek, Italian, Spanish, and Armenian but the first language of this place is also French just like Montreal.

Major part of the population is formed by immigrants from North Africa, Middle East, French-speaking Caribbean, and Europe. Most of the population that immigrates to Canada is in Laval only. The major sectors contributing to Laval economy are pharmacy, technology, and retail.


You can enjoy eating at the restaurants serving South Asian cuisine and shop at bazaars, which are economical in Montreal and Laval. Here is a brief about some well-known restaurants and bazaars where most of the Asians visit.

You can visit some of the amazing markets: Bangla Bazaar, Bombay bazaar, Marchie Blair, and Marche Cherry in Montreal and Laval for buying stuff (clothes, grocery, sweets etc.) of your choice. You can also enjoy yummy desserts, muffins, and cakes at some of the famous restaurants, Aux Vivres and Café Myraide, in Montreal. 

There are many places to visit in Montreal (Laval). You must enjoy the fun of being to these places. Few of the famous places have been listed below.

  • Industrial Park Centre: Situated near the St. Martin West and Industrial Blvd, it is the largest municipal industrial park. 
  • Laval Science and High Technology Park: Situated near Rivière des Prairies and Autoroute 15, this park has the Biotech City and the Information Technology Development Centre (ITDC) in it.
  • Centre de la Nature: This is a beautiful green place with lot of interesting activities like skiing, hiking, and water activities. You not only enjoy these activities here but also get good food to ease your appetite. 
  • Centropolis: It is a place where you can enjoy shopping at an economical price and relish the mouth-watering dishes in the restaurants.

Transport Modes in Laval

Montreal metro: You can travel to Laval from Montreal in the metro. There are three stations in between Montreal and Laval: Cartier, De La Concorde, and Montmorency. 

Railway: There are two lines connecting Montreal and Laval, Deux-Montagnes and Blainville-Saint-Jerome. The traveling time is almost 30 minutes.

Buses: You can easily commute through this route. There are 35 regular lines and two rush hour lines. Also, available are three express lines and several taxi lines for your easy commuting.