Desi City Guide for New Orleans

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June 20, 2013

Desi Guide to New Orleans

Population of the city is nearly 1,235,650 with the South Asian population being 0.36%. It is the largest city and metropolitan area in the state of Louisiana. It is ranked 46th in USA in terms of its population.

It is a city known for it rich blend of different cultures and heritage.  It has been coined as the most unique city in the US. Known as the birthplace of Jazz, it is a city is famous for its music and cuisine.  

The city has hot humid summers and warm mild winters. The city has a humid tropical climate throughout the year.

Desi Attractions in New Orleans

There are a wide selection of Desi restaurants and eateries present all over the city. Apart from that why not try the local cuisine which is also a delight.

  • One of the main desi attractions in New Orleans are their museums. These museums have a wide range of exhibits for display. The most famous is the Arts Museum which houses over 40,000 pieces in 46 galleries.  The New Orleans Museum of Art is ranked amongst the top 25 museums in the country. The city also has the only World War Two exhibit in the country, along with having a museum dedicated to the art of voodoo.
  • New Orleans is all about exploring the city. The streets are filled with excitement and fun. From haunted cemeteries to viewing the rich French neighbourhood with beautiful buildings and heritage, there are fun things you can do on the street. 
  • For those of you who have an ear for music, New Orleans is definitely a treat. One can stand for hours and watch local performers and bands perform on the street. One can get a feel of the city’s rich musical heritage by listening to these street performances.
  • Sightseeing can be done in a number of ways in New Orleans. You can explore the city via cruises, walks or carriages. The cruises are very famous in the city and take you to the markets, and other sights in the city. It is definitely a unique way to experience the city.
  • But if you fancy a one-on-one and want to connect more intimately with the city you can tour on feet. There are several tours available to help you know the city better.
  • Taking a horse carriage to move around is also fun. It gives you a new experience exploring the city and many a times the driver proves to be an excellent guide. For a good bargain you can roam the city and take your time savouring the sights.
  • Shopping can be both up scale and bargained price. Where there are boutiques and high end antique shops, one can also easily spot a good bargain at the French markets.

Transport modes in New Orleans

Moving around the city is not a problem owing to the variety of public transport in New Orleans.  The city boasts one of the oldest working street car lines (Trams) in the country. Being the oldest, St Charles line is also a historical landmark and you can still take a ride on it. Along with tram facilities, the city also has a regular train service and a canal street ferries that connect the heart of the city to its suburbs and neighbouring areas.