Desi City Guide for Phoenix

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June 20, 2013

Desi City Guide for Phoenix

Phoenix is populated by over 40000 South Asians, forming about 3% of the state’s 1 million plus population. The city has a 1.5% linguistic composition of South Asian languages and also runs a monthly newspaper called Asia Today. Ranked as a city with one of the fastest growth rates, Phoenix has a diverse range in arts, culture, and recreation. Phoenix is also one of the premier destinations for tourists with beautiful subtropical climates almost all year round.

There is also a special community called the Arizona South Asians For Safe Families or ASAFSF, which focuses on preserving a safe and peaceful family environment for the South Asian community residing in Phoenix.

Phoenix is the biggest capital city in the entire United States. Starting as an agricultural economy in its early days, Phoenix has now emerged as a significantly huge hub for Fortune 1000 companies. Being the largest and the capital city of Arizona State, much of the Phoenix population is government employed. The city has also seen immense growth in its education and research abilities due to the presence of the Arizona State University. The city is also highly influential in terms of its political society and lineage.

Desi attractions in Phoenix

There are several bazaars and spice stores for the ‘Desi’ tourist along Camelback Road, McDowell Road and Southern Avenue.  Though not containing many non-food items, you can buy a good variety of spices and unique south Asian foods in these bazaars.

Here are some other popular attractions in Phoenix:

  • Phoenix has some very good theater in areas such as West Adams Street and McDowell Road, where numerous productions run most of the time. It is the place to experience first hand dramatics from Phoenix production houses. The Phoenix Art Museum is another landmark in the city. It emphasizes American, European and Asian art and is a treat for art lovers.
  • For some fun and frolic with the entire family, there’s the Wet n Wild Water Park where you can embark on a Waterworld Safari! And if you’re into horse-racing, the Turf Paradise at the Greater Phoenix region is a must visit. Apart from these, there are numerous mountain parks and recreational areas spread across the city where one can find live exhibitions and large areas to simply relax!
  • The Phoenix Zoo is another place to visit when you’re with family and kids. It’s the biggest privately owned park in the country, with animals from all across the globe. One of the latest attractions at the Phoenix Zoo is the Komodo Dragon, which is the biggest lizard in the world.

Transportation Modes in Phoenix

Getting to Phoenix by air you would land at the Sky Harbor International Airport. The airport is located in a very accessible area with many freeways passing through it. The public transportation in Phoenix is very well connected, with buses, trains as well as something called a ride-share program. The Valley Metro service is what handles all public transportation, and most people in the city utilize them.

Though travelling by bus is the most economical mode of getting around within the city, you may prefer using the Amtrak service on the routes that they’re available. You can buy a USA Rail Pass that lasts 15 to 30 days at a time for unlimited travel.