Desi City Guide for San Antonio

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June 19, 2013

Desi City Guide for San Antonio

San Antonio is a city with a population of about 1.33 million people, the second-largest in Texas State. 2% of this population consists of South Asians, living mostly in the Crane Avenue and Fredericksburg areas of the city. San Antonio has quite a diverse cultural composition, making it a warm and comfortable place for settlers from other nations.

San Antonio is situated in almost the center of Texas, in the old American Southwest. Named after the Spanish San Antonio de Padua mission, marking feast day in the city every year, the city has been very popular for its Spanish culture, missions, the Alamo Bowl and the River Walk. San Antonio has several military bases such as the Lackland Air Force Base, the Fort Sam Houston and Camp Bullis, securing a strong presence of the military forces within the city.

The four major economic sectors of San Antonio are the healthcare, government, finance and of course the tourism industries. Tourism has been a strong economic booster for the city, and its popularity has led to a couple of global fortune 500 companies basing their headquarters out of San Antonio.

Desi attractions in San Antonio

The art museums and galleries in downtown San Antonio have several displays of South Asian art forms and artists, from decorative to contemporary art collections. Fredericksburg road, Evers Road and the NE Loop have a good number of South Asian restaurants and stores selling authentic South Asian collections.

Some other important attractions in the city include the following.

  • When in San Antonio, visiting The Alamo is an absolute must. The old mission is a historic landmark for the rebel Texan group who hid out there against the centralist forces and is the place to get to know the real city.
  • San Antonio River Walk is another landmark in the city. It stretches for about 11 kilometers, with numerous restaurants, shopping centers and souvenir stores for you to enjoy. During the holiday season in December, the River Walk is transformed into a festival city in itself, with flamenco dancers, and other folklore to lure you into the cultures of the city.
  • The Caverns at Natural Bridge is a place you must visit for the sheer beauty of seeing the natural minerals and gems and learning about how to identify the real ones from the fake. There are also adventure tours on offer at the caverns, if you’re interested in some exciting treasure hunts!

Transportation Modes in San Antonio

About 8 miles from downtown San Antonio is the International Airport, making it a very easy commute to within the city. VIA Metropolitan Transit provides a comprehensive bus and streetcar service to almost every part of the city. If staying in the city for over a month, you can make use of the Big Pass available for just $30, which makes for a very inexpensive and easy mode of transport within the city.

Amtrak also provides passenger rail services, and travelling on the Texas Eagle that operates on a daily basis or the Sunset Limited running thrice in a week is something you mustn’t miss out on!