Desi City Guide for San Diego

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June 20, 2013


San Diego is the 8th largest city in the United States of America.  The South Asian community make 10.4% of the population of the San Diego County which is 1,307,402 according to the 2010 census. The business firms owned by desi’s were about 8% in 2002 which has risen over the years. Thus the South Asian community as a minority has a good hold over the economy of the city and also of California State.

One of the major economic industries of San Diego is its tourism industry other than military and manufacturing industry. Thus it is a hub of all the south Asian tourists and also houses many visiting attractions for them. San Diego was ceded to United States as a result of Mexican American War of 1846 due to which it has a major Mexican influence over the culture. This multi cultural environment allows many South Asians to flourish in different lines of work.   The Second World War made it a major military base due to the presence of defence manufacturing industries. It houses many reservoirs and popular peaks like Cowles Mountain and Black Mountain.

Attractive places in San Diego for Desis’.

Due to the climate and natural locations like the beach and spots like Balboa park, San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park, Sea World San Diego are major attractions for the local Desis and also the tourists. Historic sites like San Diego El Alcala portray the Spanish- Mexican heritage, which intrigues the Desi tourists. It has hosted many conventions and trade shows which has welcomed over 600,000 visitors including the South Asians. San Diego University due to its work towards biotechnology has been targeted by many South Asians for their studies. San Diego Museum of Art and Natural History Museum is a must for the Desi tourists to visit. Water sports is a major attraction for everyone.

Travelling is of no hassle for the tourists as in San Diego  there are means like trolleys in downtown, Amtrak and Coaster trains are for the coastline travelling of the Desi tourist. There are numerous cafe and restaurants which serve south Indian dishes on Black Mountain road. You as a Desi tourist would be amazed to know that there are numerous food trucks based at primary locations which serve South Asian food, so if you think you will miss your home food, think again!

The history, culture and the tourist spots all suggests that San Diego can welcome numerous tourists comfortably. You can choose your accommodation and travelling in accordance to your budget. There are many concerts organised by the  desis in cooperation with the local government. It is because of the exposure an individual gets by travelling to San Diego and the neighbouring places that they would like to visit them time and again.