Desi City Guide for Santa Anna

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June 20, 2013

Desi guide to Santa Ana

With a population of 340,338, the city is the most populous in California, and is the fourth most populous in the country. The south Asian population of Santa Ana is 1.5% of the total population and the city is the second largest metropolitan in the US.

South California is famous for its summers and Santa Anna enjoys a Mediterranean type of climate. Where there are warm, dry, sunny summers and mild, wet winters. It is pleasant throughout the year and proves a wonderful vacation destination for those of you interested in spending your holidays in a milder climate.

Desi attraction in Santa Ana

With a substantial South Asian population, the city has a number of eateries and dinners that cater to the Desi cuisine. With a diverse mixture of cultures and people Santa Ana offers a large selection of cuisine and restaurants to choose from if you are in a mood to try something new. 

  • Santa Ana is a fun place that enthrals its visitor’s attention with its museums. One of the main Desi attraction is the city is the Discovery Museum. The Discovery science centre is a fun place for families with kids. With more than 100 hands on exhibits the discovery centre truly captivates and excites its visitors. Few of the popular exhibits include – playing virtual volley ball, feeling an earth quake, Dino quest and lying down on a bed of nails. It is truly fun for all ages.
  • Established in 1936 the Bowers Museum of Cultural art has over 100,000 exhibits. . It is one of the largest museums in the Orange County and it offers a unique museum experience to its audience. The museum is dedicated to better the visitors understanding of art and culture through the exhibitions, lectures and tours. Known as the best all round museum present in the state it attracts a large amount of tourists all year round. Some of the events held at the museum are worth the while and money so check out the highlights of the season before you visit.
  • The Santa Ana zoo is another fun place to visit in the city. Opened in 1952 the zoo has an extensive collection of primates from all over the world. Along with monkeys they also have a wide collection of birds and animals. Spread over 20 acres this zoo is visited by over 250,000 tourist annually and is a must watch when you are visiting the city.
  • The lyon Air Museum is another fun place in Santa Ana. Spread over 30,000 sq. ft. this museum takes the visitor through tour of aircrafts and vehicles of significant historical importance used in the World War 2 era. With exhibits in excellent condition it is a must visit museum if you are an avid follower of air artefacts and machinery.
  • Apart from touring the museums in the city one can also find great places to shop in Santa Ana. The city has a wide range of independent shops and shopping complexes which can be fun to explore. 

Transportation modes in Santa Anna

The city is well connected with its public transportation network ranging from Trains to busses. Take advantage of these economic and quick means of touring the city.