Desi City Guide for Tampa

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June 20, 2013

Desi Guide for Tampa

Tampa is a major city in the state of Florida. The population of the city is approximately 335,709. The population of South Asians is nearly 2.4% of the city’s total population.

Having a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and light breezy winters, Tampa is the perfect vacation spot if you’re looking for a hot summer vacation. The city has also been ranked 5th best for outdoor activities. Home to both, the universities of Tampa and South Florida, the city enjoys a rich mixture of diverse cultures. 

Desi attraction in Tampa

With a growing population of South Asians in the city there are a number of good desi restaurants you can choose from. So if you are in Tampa you can select from a list of top rated joints you can eat in.

  • Busch Gardens is African themed Park in Tampa, a great place to visit with family. It is one of the most visited places in Tampa by South Asian Tourists. There is a lot to do and great activities lined up for everyone in the family. It’s a fun place for kids of all ages. It is a brilliant combination of thriller roller-coaster rides with the magnificent nature display. It is one of 20 most visited themed parks in the US.
  • If you like playing with water and fancy water rides, Adventure Island is the place for you. Adjacent to the Busch gardens, it is close enough for you to switch from land amusement rides to water park fun.
  • Lowry zoo is another fun place to be in Tampa. The zoo is home to more than 2000 species of birds and animals and was voted as number 1in terms of being family friendly. It is a fun place filled with interactive exhibits, amusement rides and educational shows. All in all, there is something fun for everyone to do.
  • Florida aquarium is another must see in Tampa. It is a 250,000 sq. ft. aquarium housing more than 20,000 species of aquatic plants and animals from all over the world. With its unique glass architecture it makes a breath taking sight to watch the aquatic life style at its full glory.
  • If you want to look at the historical areas in Tampa Ybor City is the place for you. Tampa is known in history for manufacturing Cigars. Ybor city is the birth place of this cigar culture thanks to the cigar manufactures who settled in this region. Founded in 1880’s by cigar manufacturers, it was populated by immigrants from Cuba, Spain and Italy. Owing to this concoction of different regions the place is a rich variety of diverse cultures and heritage. When in Ybor city, one can shop for unique goodies, have a taste of their cuisine or even browse through the various museums and shops in the area.
  • Malibu Grand Prix is a perfect place for those of you who love speed and cars. It has a range of adrenaline pumped driving activities for adults with a drivers licence. However it is no less fun for those who don’t have a licence. It also stores a number of state of the art arcade driving activities and games. Along with that it also has other fun stuff like a mini golf course and other fantastic activities.

Transportation modes in Tampa

Travel the city via their extensively connected public transport system. Enjoy your visit by roaming Tampa on their famous Streetcar lines.