Desi City Guide for Virginia Beach

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June 20, 2013

Desi Guide to Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is an independent city located in the area of Virginia overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The South Asian population in the city is about 0.5% of the total population; the population of the city being about 437,994.

Virginia Beach enjoys a Sub tropical humid climate. It has hot humid summers with warm evenings and mild winters with occasional light snow. It is a perfect spot for those of you interested in spending your summer break and vacation on the beach.

Desi Attractions in Virginia Beach

Although the south Asian population is relatively little Virginia Beach has several well reputed Desi restaurants. So rest assured when it comes to satisfying your taste buds.

  • As the name may suggest Virginia Beach has got a lot to offer with its beaches. These beaches are the main Desi attractions in the city. The beaches in Virginia get visitors from all over the world all the year round. Virginia Beaches are definitely the best maintained beaches in the country. Apart from being free, the beaches are also well guarded by Life Guards during the summer, the peak tourist time of the year. For those of you who love the sea shores and would like to spend more time on it, there are some places in the area which offer cottages on rent. Overlooking the ocean, these houses provide an opportunity for making your stay a more memorable one.
  • Virginia Beach attractions also include The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Centre, and The Ocean Front Water Park.
  • The former has both indoor and outdoor activities for its visitors. Among its key attraction the Aquarium offers an exciting opportunity to spot whales in the wild.  It is a fun place to learn and see aquatic flora and fauna in its full glory. Other than that there are other activities which can be a fun for people of all ages. The Centre is filled with fun stuff which would make your visit a memorable one. The Water Park also guarantees a fun filled day for all of its visitors.
  • Broad walk is another attraction not only for the locals but also the tourists visiting the city. Constructed in 1888 the Virginia Beach broad walk is the most favourite of all the American broad walks. Very popular amongst Virginia Sites the broad walk is also a place people just come to cycle, roller blade, go fishing or gape at magnificent view of the sea. This 3 mile ocean facing Broad walk has a lot to offer with its numerous hotels, restaurants and shops. The walk also has two museums The Atlantic Wildfowl and Heritage museum and the Old Coast Guard Station. On special days there are events, festivals and carnivals which are fun to be a part of.  
  • Military aviation museum is another must see in the city. It is a unique museum that houses the world’s largest private collection of World War 2 and Korean fighter, seaplanes, bombers and other war aircrafts of that era.
  • Old Cape Henry Lighthouse is one of the landmarks of the city and whether you are a lighthouse lover or not this is a must see.

Transportation modes in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is well connected with its network of buses offering cheap travel across the city.