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June 20, 2013 By Desi Dallas Author

Atlanta is the capital of state of Georgia, United State of America. Earlier Atlanta was an American Indian village. The city was called as Terminus up till 1842. Later its name was changed to Marthasville. Atlanta is a home to different cultures. As per one of the estimates a little above70, 000 South Asian people are living in Atlanta Metro area. Atlanta is known for its trendy style. It also hosts a number of cultural festivals every year. It has many museums and historic landmarks.

Atlanta is the economic centre of the South-Eastern states in America. Atlanta is one of the corporate hubs with the headquarters of lot of major national and international companies.


Popular Attractions in Atlanta


National Historic Site

National Historic site is the birth place of Martin Luther Jr. The entry in this premise is on first come first served basis. Here visitors get a chance to know about Dr. King’s life. National Park Service, Ebenezer Baptist Church, The landscape plaza, International World Peace Rose Garden and The King Centre are located in the same premises.

Georgia Aquarium

Georgia aquarium is World’s largest and finest public educational aquarium. This aquarium is almost 500,000 square feet. It has 8,000,000 gallons of water. Almost 100,000 fish are on display.


There are many museums in Atlanta. These include High Museum of Art, Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Margaret Mitchell House and Jimmy Carter Presidential Library.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

One of the attractions in Atlanta is the Botanical Garden. Its objective is to maintain and collect variety of plants for display, education and research.  It is located adjacent to Piedmont Park in Midtown Atlanta. It has an excellent collection of indoor as well as outdoor plants. There are multiple theme based gardens here.

Atlanta Zoo

Atlanta Zoo is one of the popular attractions. It is located in Atlanta’s Grant Park and attracts almost one million visitors a year.  More than 1300 animals represent 250 species from around the world.

Atlanta Weather

Climate of Atlanta allows for planning a trip around the year. Atlanta is also famous for its lush greenery and shady trees. In winter the temperature goes down. Visitors shall carry warm clothes in winter. In summer the temperature is about 30 degree centigrade to 40 degree centigrade. It may rain on any day throughout the year and one must carry an umbrella while visiting this city.

Getting around in Atlanta

One can go to Atlanta by road or air. Air transport is very convenient .The airport is not very far from tourist sites. Rental car is very flexible and easy to roam around in Atlanta.

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