Sabudana Wada

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November 14, 2011 By indian desi cookbook


1/2 Cup - Sabudana

1 Cup Yogurt

1 Cup Rice Flour

8 Thai Chillies Finely Cut

1/2 Cup Corriander Finely Cut

1/4 Cup Onions diced Salt to taste Oil to Fry


1. Soak Sabudana in Yogurt for exactly 2 hrs

2. To this add Rice Flour , mix till Vada Consistency

3. Add Finely cut Onions, Chillies, Corriander and Salt

4. Press like Vadas and Fry on medium high till Brown in color or until cooked. Drain and remove on paper towels. Serve with Tomato Ketch up or Maggi Hot & Sweet,

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indian desi cookbook